<%@LANGUAGE="JAVASCRIPT" CODEPAGE="65001"%> Archetypes and Your Sacred Contract

Your body, your soul, the universe are dying to speak with you.
As a matter of fact, they are speaking to you right now.
The problem is, many of us have lost the instruments to hear them well.
We lost them when we were children.

The instruments that we lost are like radios.
The airwaves are crackling with information,
but without a radio, we cannot decipher the messages.
They come as coincidences, flashes of insight, or chance meetings with long-lost friends.

All tangled in the physical world, they are difficult to interpret.
If only we could fine-tune our radios, we could hear what our bodies, our Souls
are telling us. What the great mystery is telling us...

My Name is John Rehorn

When I embarked on my studies of Sacred Contracts with Caroline Myss, I hadn’t envisioned that I would become an archetypal consultant. I just wanted keener insight into my own life. However after a two-year intensive under this excellent teacher’s instruction, my life has changed.

Caroline helped me realize that I have a unique and important contribution to the World, a Sacred Contract with humankind. She also gave me the tools to assemble the radio with which to hear and interpret the messages that are constantly flowing toward me and through me. These tools are the universal archetypes we all know – the warrior, the martyr, the magician and thousands of others.

It would be negligent of me not to share these tools with those who would ask for my help. I can help you assemble the radio inside of you, so you can tune into the cosmic music that will liberate your Soul and call you to your Unique Service. This is not some fantastic and unkeepable promise. It is your birthright.

The parts are right there, inside of you -- all you need is to assemble them.

I'm just a regular guy who knows how to build a radio. Shall we get started?